Homeowners often don’t think about needing a licensed electrician until they’ve blown a fuse for the seventh time in a week or have other electrical issues. Although many of these issues seem like minor inconveniences, they can also be a sign of a more serious problem. Performing a home energy audit will help you identify areas that can be improved.

Circuit Breaker Issues

If your circuit breaker is regularly tripping when running devices such as blow dryers, you’ll need to have the circuit evaluated. Sometimes running these devices is too much for your circuit breaker. In these cases, an electrician needs to install a separate circuit for the items that are causing the overload.

Issues with Lighting

If you notice that light bulbs are burning out often, this can be an indicator of an electrical problem in your home. Also, if you have lights that flicker often, this is a sign that there is a bad connection along the circuit. Recessed lighting that goes off often can be an indicator that installation wasn’t done correctly. And lighting that is inconsistent can mean you have a poor neutral connection.

Outlet Issues

Another issue that a licensed electrician can assist with is dead outlets. If you notice that outlets in your home aren’t working correctly or you’re constantly having to reset ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), this can be a sign of a poor connection.

Also, if outlets in your garage, kitchen or bathrooms aren’t working, you may have an issue with the GFCI. This device senses when you’re vulnerable to shock, and switches off outlets. If this issue occurs often, it’s important to have it evaluated.

Light Switch Issues

When turning on lights, you might notice the switch seems warm. In these cases, it’s important to have an electrician improve the connection. This will prevent potential safety issues. Another issue homeowners experience is when a switch suddenly stops working. This typically occurs when a light switch has been replaced incorrectly.

Making mistakes on “do it yourself” electrical repairs are much less forgiving than other projects. If you don’t have experience in this area, making a mistake can cause a serious shock or a fire hazard. Soliciting assistance from a licensed electrician can help avoid these issues.

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