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Home Remodeling and Renovations

When you are looking to get your home renovated or remodeled, the most important decision you need to make is which remodeling contractor to choose. If you are looking for the best remodeling contractor in southern California, you need look no further than Luxus Construction. We can handle every imaginable remodeling situation with fast, professional work that you will love. We use fine craftsmanship to make an assortment of repairs to a home to make it more livable or help owners sell properties in a difficult real estate market.

Luxus Construction is a Licensed B General Contractor. This means that we are authorized to demolish and construct any building in California that is up to five stories tall.

We Provide a Variety of Remodeling Repairs

While other licensed general contractors may not want to accept a small job such as replacing defective or old-fashioned lighting fixtures, at Luxus Construction & Design, we are ready to perform any type of home renovation services necessary, including:

  • Room additions – bathroom, kitchens and other spaces
  • Remodeling – replacing plumbing fixtures and cabinets
  • Earthquake retrofitting – helps to protect property and people
  • Installing solar panels – reduces pollution and utility bills
  • Replacing wiring – helps to prevent outages and electrical fires.
  • Roof replacement – fixing roofing shingles and underlying layers
  • Replacing floors – laying wood, laminate or stone materials
  • Upgrading windows – replacing windows with energy efficient models
  • Repairing fireplaces – chimney cleaning and repair
  • Adding exterior features – hot tubs, spa units, wooden decks

Our Company is established in the Local Area

Hiring a licensed general contractor with an established reputation in the area rather than hiring a fly-by-night team of workers is essential. At Luxus Construction & Design, we know the local guidelines necessary to get remodeling or building permits as quickly as possible to avoid delays. Before submitting our plans for home renovation services to local government authorities, we can help our clients design and plan a project carefully to have a project completed on time. In addition to planning the remodeling project, we prepare for surprises such as finding out that a home has mold inside walls or bad wiring that also requires replacement.

We Have a Portfolio for Perspective Clients to View

Because we are a full-service licensed general contractor, clients can count on us to provide multiple home renovation services without outsourcing the work to unscrupulous construction and remodeling teams. Our company has insurance and bonding for every team member to protect homeowners from lawsuits due to injuries. As an award winning licensed general contractor located in California with a strong portfolio of previous projects that perspective customers can view, homeowners in Los Angeles can request estimates from Luxus Construction & Design before signing a contract.

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