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Home Leveling Services

Depending on where you live, the ground may not be very stable which means that your home was level when it was first constructed, but now it has shifted. This means that one side or corner has either raised or lowered and your home is no longer level. When that happens, it means that the stresses on the walls, floor, ceiling, and roof may cause cracks to form which compromises the home itself.

To correct this condition, the home will have to become level again and that is where a home leveling services comes into play. The provide the experience and equipment necessary to ensure that your house is returned to its normal state.

Why Your Home is No Longer Level

Although there may be several reasons, in most cases the dirt and water underneath your home have shifted because of the weight of the house itself. While the ground may have been leveled and pressed by heavy construction equipment before the foundation was poured, it may still be subject to shifted in the days, months, and years since the home was constructed.

Water from under the ground or from the water pipes in the home itself may also cause the shifting to occur. Even a small leak can move enough earth to cause a home to shift on its foundation. So, identifying the leak and having it fixed will help prevent further damage, but also cut down on your water bill.

The sooner you act to level your home, the less the damage will be over time. This means that you will need to look for the right leveling service that corrects the issue properly.

How Leveling Works

Home Leveling Services

A home leveling services will bring your house back to where it should be by finding the cause of the problem and initiating steps that will correct the situation.

Locating the Cause: Whether the cause is from the home itself or from the ground below, the issue will be corrected so that it does not cause any further damage. However, this does not mean that the house is stable forever as there may be other, undetectable issues that may cause the home to tilt again in the future.

Jacks: Large jacks are used to provide additional stability and level the home properly. The jacks can be adjusted until the house itself is in its proper position. If there are any holes under the slab, they are filled with concrete or dirt so that the foundation is stable, safe, and will stay in its position.

Cracks: Any cracks in the foundation are patched with concrete so that the slab becomes like new in terms of its strength. By patching the cracks with concrete, it also prevents them from becoming more problematic over time.

A proper home leveling services will take all these steps to ensure that your home is returned to its proper position. You will need to hire the service that is properly licensed, insured, and provides a warranty for its work.

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