We’re happy to announce that Luxus Construction Inc. has successfully completed the California Earthquake Authority Brace + Bolt (CEA BB) FEMA training.

About Earthquake Brace + Bolt

California Earthquake Authority Brace + Bolt (CEA BB) is an official program of the California Earthquake Authority. CEA BB was developed to help Policyholders lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake by providing a cash grant of up to $3,000 to qualifying CEA Policyholders to retrofit their house.

A seismic retrofit strengthens an older house, making it more resistant to earthquake activity such as ground shaking and soil failure.

The seismic retrofitting is performed in accordance with California Existing Building Code Chapter A3 and involves:

  • bolting the house to its foundation
  • bracing the perimeter of the crawlspace

Qualifying Policyholders who own houses with characteristics suitable for this type of retrofit in accordance with California Existing Building Code Chapter A3 (Chapter A3) are eligible for an incentive payment of up to $3,000 to help pay costs associated with the retrofit of their houses.

Owner-occupied houses in Program ZIP Codes as listed on the EBB website: www.earthquakebracebolt.com – that are suitable for a Chapter A3 retrofit may qualify for an incentive payment to help pay for the retrofit, whether performed by a Licensed General Building Contractor (License Type A or B) or by the homeowner.

EBB Program benefits are made possible by funding from the California Residential Mitigation Program (“CRMP” is a joint powers authority established under California Government Code Section 6500, et.seq, whose members are the California Earthquake Authority, a public instrumentality of the State of California, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, an agency of the State of California) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA.

Contact Luxus Construction for more information. Please call 310-270-8596 to learn more about the EBB Program.

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