Radio Frequency Exposure Mitigation

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Radio Frequency Exposure Mitigation in Pacific Palisades, California

Of the many conveniences that modern living provides, one of the dangers is exposure to radiation as generated by radio frequencies. Until recently, such exposure was deemed a limited danger because it requires close proximity for extended periods. This means people living next to power lines for years, perhaps decades where considered vulnerable.

Today, the development of cell towers and wireless frequency or Wi-Fi signals is leading to greater exposure for a broader range of people living in North America. This has led to the development of radio frequency exposure mitigation which reduces the amount of radiation that a person may be experiencing when living in their homes.

Radio Frequency Exposure Mitigation

Potential Hazards of RF Exposure

There are two types of RF exposure dangers that depend on the level of radiation that is present. The first is known as the thermal effect. This is the heating of tissues in the body due to high levels of RF exposure. Using the same principle that microwave ovens use to cook food, the RF radiation will heat the body causing tissue damage.

The most vulnerable areas are those that have limited blood flow, such as the eyes and the testes. Because these areas experience a lower flow of blood, the heat cannot be dissipated as efficiently. Continued exposure to high levels of RF will damage the tissues in the body over time.

Exposure to lower levels of RF radiation which does not heat the tissues of the body may produce harmful results, but there have been no conclusive studies about the effects so far. Regardless, it is recommended that exposure to RF radiation be limited as much as possible. This is where radio frequency exposure mitigation comes into play.

How Radio Frequency Exposure Mitigation Works

If you believe your home may be subject to RF radiation, then having mitigation services will lower the amount of exposure for you and your family. A professional company experienced in such matters will conduct a three-step approach:

  • Detection
  • Protection
  • Verification

The amount of RF radiation will be measured in your home. You will be informed about the areas inside your residence that have the most exposure. At this point, the company will usually provide a plan that offers protection and a price for their services.

If you accept, the areas of your home with the most exposure are addressed. Depending on the level and source of exposure, it may be limited to certain rooms or cover the entire home. Shielding is put into place that provides an enclosure for the RF radiation which in turn limits its release inside the home. The shielding will filter out the range of frequencies that cause the most harm.

RF Shielding Results

Once completed, the results will be verified to ensure that RF radiation exposure is limited as much as possible. While reducing it to zero may not be practical, the levels can be brought down to the point where it no longer presents a known danger to those living inside the home.

For residents who want radio frequency exposure mitigation in their homes, Luxus Construction offers such services. Providing effective RF shielding at low, competitive pricing, you can get the right protection that fits your pocketbook with Luxus Construction.

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