While most people call an electrician when they need to add or replace wiring to their home, there are other times in which this trained professional should be called. What follows is a list of when you should call an electrician to solve a small issue before it becomes a big, expensive problem.

Flickering Lights

When you start one device, such as a hair dryer or air conditioner and the lights flicker or dim, that is a sign your home’s electrical system is being overloaded. Left unchecked, an overloaded electrical system can heat up and may cause a fire depending on the circumstances.

An electrician can install a 20-amp line to help ease the burden on the electrical wiring in your home. This will not only keep the lights from flickering or fading when a device is activated, it may keep it from overheating as well.

Too Many Plugs in the Outlet

Do you have an electrical outlet that has four, five, six, or more plugs? Then you should call an electrician to add new outlets and circuits to handle the load. For example, if you have a single six-way power strip in one outlet, that should be no cause for concern. But if the number of plugs keeps expanding, that’s when you should call the electrician.

Frequent Thrown Circuit Breakers

If you see a pattern of circuit breakers being thrown, it is time to call an electrician. A circuit breaker closing means that there is too much pull on that line. Or worse, a fault may have developed in the circuit itself which puts your home in danger. When a circuit breaker trips more than once, then an electrician can identify and solve the issue.

Older Homes

If you live in a home that does not have a third or ground plug in the outlets, then you should have an electrician correct that situation. While an adaptor can switch a three-prong plug into a two-prong plug, it will pull more electricity and cause issues, especially with older wiring.

Damage to the Wiring

Wiring can degrade over time but noticing the signs may be difficult. If you open an outlet or switch and notice tiny bits of black rubber. Or perhaps the wires look like they are covered in a fabric or cloth instead of plastic or rubber, then you need to call an electrician immediately. The damage and degrading of the electrical wiring is putting your home at risk. Other indications include the following:

  • Rust on the service panel
  • Homes more than a quarter-century old with no electrical maintenance
  • Tingly feeling when near electrical outlets, lines, or devices

These are signs of something being wrong with your electrical system. And that is when you should call an electrician. Just like a plumber, the electrician can spot and correct small issues inexpensively before they grow into large, dangerous problems. The sooner you act, the faster you can correct the problem, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing the issue is being addressed.

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