When it comes to selecting the right material for your new deck, few can match the attributes of IPE wood decking. IPE or Brazilian hardwood is one of the hardest of all trees, so strong that standard nails are often bent when being hammered into the material. That is why Brazilian hardwood is often available pre-drilled so the pieces can be put together.

But is IPE wood decking right for your needs? If you plan on building a new deck or renovating your old one, here are some of the top benefits to consider with Brazilian hardwood.


The IPE wood is quite stunning with colors that range from light and medium browns to a chocolate brown and many shades in-between. When you add in the grain patterns and striping, you have a beautiful wood that will look stunning as part of your deck.

IPE Wood Decking: Brazilian Hardwood

Class A Fire Resistance

For property owners concerned about a potential fire hazard, Brazilian hardwood carries a Class A fire resistance which is one of the best for all hardwoods. In addition to the fire resistance which minimizes the threat to your home, it also may have a positive effect on your fire insurance premiums when adding a wooden deck.

Good Friction

In other words, the friction resistance rating exceeds the standards for ADA requirements. It is why IPE wood decking is often used for boardwalks, piers, dock floats, and pool decks. You can walk comfortably in your bare feet and have more than enough traction even when the wood is wet. It also resists splintering, so you can have peace of mind when walking on it as well.


In addition to being quite strong, IPE wood decking is also quite durable. The very hardness that makes it resilient to scraps and splintering also makes it resist the elements quite well. Brazilian hardwood also resists termites, decay, and rot. Plus, it will not sag like many traditional hardwoods.

Also, it is quite resistant to expanding and contracting during temperature swings, so it stays in place and maintains its integrity.

Low Cost, High Return

The cost of your deck is not only what you pay today, but what you will have to pay tomorrow for repairs and upgrades. It is true that there are cheaper hardwoods, but they generally only last a few years and require considerable maintenance just to last as long as they do.

Because Brazilian hardwood is so strong and lasts for a long time, the return is considerable. Even synthetic materials are hard pressed to stay strong and durable compared to IPE wood decking.

The longer the wood lasts, the less you pay for repairs and renovations. Plus, the deck may be an asset if you decide to sell your home all because of its attributes.

If you are looking for the best type of material for your new deck, then IPE wood decking is the best choice. It has the strength, durability, low maintenance, and beauty that you want in your wooden deck.

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