A major home renovation represents a major disruption in your life. You probably have heard horror stories about extensive renovations that are giving you second thoughts. However, for the vast majority of those who go forward with a major home renovation, it is a process that can be accomplished without being overwhelmed.

What follows are a few tips that will help you deal with the renovation. Knowing what to do and what to expect will help you in reaching the end of the renovation in one piece.

Major Disruptions Will Happen

First and foremost, a major renovation brings about major disruptions. There will be some chaos created because access to parts of your home that you once took for granted will now not be possible. What was there is gone and what will be there has not been created.

Before you begin, talk to the contractor about what they will do each day during the job. Important questions to ask include the following:

  • How will they keep the dust and overall mess to a minimum?
  • Do they clean up at the end of each day?
  • If they leave for the weekend, in what condition will your home be in?

Getting answers to those questions will help considerably in keeping the disruptions manageable. It’s one thing to no longer have access to part of your home, it’s quite another to have a huge mess to deal with.

Plan for What You Can

You must deal with the disruption as best you can. And while you cannot plan for everything, you can create alternatives for the areas which are subject to the major home renovation.

For example, if the kitchen is going to be renovated, you will need an alternative place to cook and prepare meals. Any room being renovated must be duplicated in another area of the home if possible so that your life can go on. For example, do not have all the bathrooms undergoing a renovation at the same time.

Of course, you will probably have to undergo some changes, but at least you have compensated for what is being renovated.

Take Advantage of the Renovation

Use this as an opportunity to address other aspects of your home, such as the chance to declutter and clean up. You can start with the items that are no longer needed, but you can go further by doing the following:

  • Organize and sort items in your cabinets and closets
  • Bag any unwanted items for donation, sale, or disposal
  • Plan a declutter project for the rest of your home during the renovation

A declutter project gives you something to do during the renovation, so put that time to good use. By addressing the other needs of your home, you may find that the experience of going through a major renovation is not as bad as you once thought it would be.

The anxieties created by a major home renovation can be quite prominent. However, you can deal with them and get to the end where you will be enjoying your new home.

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