Home rewiring is the process of changing and removing some or all of the wires in your home and installing new wires. There are a number of reasons why rewiring may become necessary. You may need to rewire your home if you had an older home in order to comply with new safety standards and building codes. If your home is not in compliance with codes, you may be unable to sell it or unable to make any additions or changes. It may also be unsafe if your wiring does not comply with building codes. Rewiring may also become necessary if your electrical system does not support all of the applications you need it to support, or if you simply want to change the placement and location of items within your electrical system. Home rewiring project can be large or small and can involve simply adding a few new wires or completely changing the wires in your home.

How Does Home Rewiring Work?

When a home is built, a residential wiring diagram is made to indicate where items will be plugged in, where light fixtures will be installed, and where outlets and light switches should be. This diagram and the electrical plan is usually included with the blueprints, and the wires usually are placed inside the walls and in the attic, floor and basement.

Safety Issues with Older Wiring

If you have an older home, eventually the wiring may become old, frayed and worn. This can lead to problems because the wire may not be able to easily and safely conduct the electrical current anymore. If this occurs, you may need to rewire your home. In addition, you may find you need to plug more items in than you ever anticipated when your house was built, which is especially a problem in older homes. Each circuit or path of wires in your home is able to carry only a set amount of electricity before the wires become unable to handle it and your circuit breaker shuts off power to that circuit. If this continually occurs, you may find yourself constantly needing to reset circuits and you may decide rewiring is a good idea. You may also simply need to add wires.

Picking a Licensed Electrician for a Home Rewiring

Regardless of your reason for needing rewiring, you will need to hire a licensed electrician who can complete your home rewiring project. Electricity and installation of wires is dangerous and complicated and there are stringent building codes, so you will need to get help in the vast majority of cases. Your electrician will provide you with a cost- which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of the project- and will get the required permits. He will draw a diagram which explains the rewiring project, and then will access the wires through the attic, floors and walls to replace and fix worn wires that need to be changed during the rewiring project.

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