Most people do not think twice about the source of electricity coming into their home until it is gone. With so much of our lives depending on the constant flow of electricity, the benefits of an on-site power generator are considerable. This means that during a power outage, you can still provide electricity to your appliances, computers, sump pumps, and other devices until the power is restored.

What is an On-Site Power Generator?

This is not a portable generator that runs on gasoline as you might see when camping or at tailgate parties. This is a larger unit that runs on natural gas or propane and sits outside your home much like a central air conditioning unit. It is connected to electrical system of your home and kicks on when the power from the electrical lines is cut off.

You can purchase generators that are small enough to run a few essential items or have the power capacity for the entire home. They are connected to a source of natural gas or propane, so they can maintain operation as long as the gas is present.


There are definite benefits to having this type of power generator for your home. Although some units can run into the thousands of dollars, they can be quite beneficial when needed:

  • Fast, safe power delivery
  • Operation of heating and cooling systems inside the home
  • Provides electricity to all appliances, computers, and devices
  • Minimizes power fluctuations and surges
  • Offers peace of mind when the power goes out

The most obvious advantage of having such a generator are for those who have medical issues that require electricity. But they provide a benefit to anyone who wants to keep the electricity running when the main power goes out.

This can be crucial during the excessive heat of the summer or extreme cold of the winter. Just having your air conditioning or heating system with power alone can be a lifesaver. Remember that you can select which devices to keep the power on. Plus, you can have the generator shut down if you want to save on natural gas or propane being used if the blackout lasts for a long time.

Natural Gas or Propane

Both gasses are clean and non-toxic, providing the power source for the generator. When installed, you can hook up the power generator to the natural gas lines. Or you can use a separate tank of propane instead if no such lines exist. The advantages of using natural gas or propane are considerable, starting with the fact that they are clean, abundant sources of energy.

They also are quite affordable which means that you pay less for long-term storage. Propane and natural gas do not go bad over time, so they can be kept in reserve for months or years with no issue.

Understanding the benefits of an on-site power generator means that you can maintain the electrical flow in your home until the power outage is over. For those want to maintain a normal lifestyle when the main electricity goes out, a backup power generator is the answer.

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