With more people staying at home during the pandemic of 2020, there was additional attention paid to creating home improvement projects. One of the more interesting was the increase in frameless fireplaces that are enjoying a strong boost in popularity. For the gas fireplace, the trends continue to be quite positive.

Corner Office

Corner Fireplace

The increase in open floor plan designs have caused a revolution of thinking in terms of where a fireplace can be located. One of the more interesting are the multi-sided or corner fireplaces that are tucked away in smaller spaces which allow for a more open floor plan to be used. Plus, the fire can be enjoyed from more areas of the room thanks to the location and design of the fireplace.


One of the more interesting trends in the past few years is the switch from fireplaces using materials to insulate the heat from the walls of the home to using technically advanced materials that transfer the heat directly into the interior and away from the walls. In other words, you can now paint or place wallpaper right up against the fireplace with little concern of any scorching or heat damage. You can even mount a TV directly above the fireplace without worry that the heat will affect the screen or wiring.

Fireplaces Cool Wall

This has led to a number of interesting design choices since the heat is no longer penetrating the walls. You can even use custom wood accents to create a unique appearance that compliments your home décor. Known as “Cool Wall” fireplaces, the materials used to redirect the heat are not only safe, but they may also help reduce the heating bill as your living area is properly warmed.

Larger is Better

Frameless Fireplaces Bathroom

Perhaps the most noticeable trend is how fireplaces have increased in size over the past couple of years. That trend is still going strong even in modest-size homes. The traditional rectangular shape of the fireplace is being replaced by a square one that has more height and prominence. If long and linear is not to your liking, then large and square may be the right answer. It certainly is an impressive sight in which the fire itself dominates the room.

Linear Interior

Linear Fireplace

Large, linear fireplaces are perhaps the most popular as the fall of 2021 arrives. This is because the style itself offers some versatility in matching the home décor needs of residents in different parts of the country. In other words, modern-style homes are not the only places for this type of gas fireplace to exist. It’s clean features and large space make it perfect for several different styles.

Flare Modern Frameless Fireplace Gallery

Such frameless fireplaces offer homeowners a wide set of choices for their residences. This means that for 2021 and beyond, the traditional gas fireplace is seeing new uses and interesting designs that compliments the décor of many different styles of homes. As new materials are created, there will be an expansion of trends over the next few years which will allow such fireplaces to become more commonplace even in modern residences.

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