Earthquakes are common events in most of California as well as in other states, such as Oregon and Washington. Oklahoma and Missouri are also experiencing more earthquakes in recent years. While small tremors may be barely noticeable to someone who has lived in southern California for many years, there looms the potential for a much more powerful earthquake. Strong earthquakes have the potential to rock a home off of its foundation. Earthquake retrofitting is an important action that you can take. The goal of a residential seismic retrofit is to strengthen your home so that it is ready to withstand the power of the next big temblor.

How Retrofitting a Home for an Earthquake Works

Houses located near the epicenter of an earthquake could topple, slid off the foundation or collapse onto themselves. To retrofit a home for earthquake preparedness involves reinforcing the foundation and walls through modern engineering techniques and advanced materials. Technology has allowed building practices and materials to be able to withstand the side to side, up and down or rolling forces of an earthquake. By retrofitting a home, it may have minimal damage or even no damage at all. Some of the techniques involved in a residential seismic retrofit include bolting the foundation, bracing walls and using exterior piers or glass fibers for reinforcement.

Reasons to Consider a Residential Seismic Retrofit

Even if your house has withstood the forces from past earthquakes without incurring major damage, you may not be so lucky the next time. Those past earthquakes could have caused some structural weakness and faults that you are not aware of. A residential seismic retrofit could prevent your home from complete destruction in a powerful earthquake. Nobody knows when the next earthquake will be, but scientists do predict that southern California and other places located along the Pacific Coast and San Andreas Fault could experience a powerful tremor at any time. Earthquake retrofitting now allows you to be ready.

Benefits of Earthquake Retrofitting

When a house is damaged by an earthquake, repairs could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anyone inside of the home could be severely injured as the load bearing walls and objects inside fall and collapse. Now is the time to consider earthquake retrofitting to protect your family and your belongings. A residential seismic retrofit could be the most important live-saving action that you take when making your emergency earthquake preparations.

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