Enjoying the great outdoors once the weather warms up until it finally becomes too cold to sit outside is a great way to reduce stress. But if you want to add to your property a place to sit, cook, and enjoy the outdoors, you may have to decide between a porch vs patio.

But what is the difference between a porch and patio? It is an important question to answer if you are looking to establish a permanent place for your outdoor activities at your home. What follows is an explanation of each, the differences between them, and what to consider when expanding the outdoor possibilities to your home.


The formal definition of a porch is a covered area that adjoins the structure, usually near the entrance, and has a separate roof. There are four basic types of porches:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Screened
  • Wraparound
Porch Vs Patio: What’s the Difference Between Outdoor Spaces

Porches were first developed in the mid-19th century and have become a standard part of homes over the years. The front porch is designed to be a welcoming area that makes the transition from being outside to going inside and vise versa.


A patio is defined as being a paved recreational area that adjoins the home. A place where family and friends gather to be outside. This is also a place where seating is available, sometimes tables and benches if dining is an option. You might consider a patio to be an outdoor living room.

Porch Vs Patio: What’s the Difference Between Outdoor Spaces

A patio may or may not be covered to provide protection from the sun. And while adjacent, patios are normally not attached to the home, so they provide a safer area for fire pits and the like.


The main difference between porch vs patio is that a porch is attached to the home while the patio is normally adjacent. Plus, the porch has a permanent roofing structure while most patios have either a temporary or no roofing structure at all. But there are other important differences to consider when deciding whether to get a porch or patio.

Durability: While both are durable, a porch tends to require more maintenance. From painting to remove standing water, porches require more work. Although in fairness a well-designed porch will only need touch-ups now and then.

Installation: No question a patio is easier to install compared to a porch. If only because there are no modifications needed to the home to install a patio. A porch is considerably more labor-intensive and requires more planning.

Cost: The porch is considerably more expensive compared to a patio, normally several times more costly. To cover a 16’ x 12’ area, a porch will normally cost from $16,000 to $30,000 or more depending on the materials used. While a patio of the same size will cost roughly $2,000 to $4,000.

When deciding between a porch vs patio, you may need some expert advice. Call the professionals at Luxus Construction. They have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best-informed decision when deciding between a porch or patio for your home.

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