When it comes to installing siding, one of the best natural materials available is cedar. Cedar is both durable and beautiful, especially when placed on cabins or homes built primarily from wood. However, they work quite well on any home that is suitable for this material. The only question becomes how to install staggered cedar shake siding on your home?


You will need to acquire the proper tools and enough material to get the job done. You can go over the requirements for your home when purchasing the siding from the home improvement or lumber store. The siding will most likely require 2” stainless steel shingle nails, caps and staplers, construction adhesive, and roofing nails along with other accessories:

  • Figure out the total area that needs coverage
  • Add at least 10% to the order to account for waste
  • Use eastern white cedar for best results
  • The higher quality of siding, the longer it will last

Now that you have the tools and materials, the next step is to prepare the area properly.

Use Waterproof Underlay

You will need at least one coat of waterproof underlay. This normally means a vapor-permeable membrane that allows trapped moisture to escape but does not allow water to penetrate. A dimpled plastic drainage membrane is perfect for the first layer. Plus, you will need to install custom-bent flashing above all windows and doors using roofing nails.

Add the Siding

You are now ready to add the first row. The Make sure the butts extend about an inch below the sheathing to ensure the rain drips away from the wall frame. Use your eyes and common sense when attaching each piece. Once you have reached a corner, use a combination square and utility knife to cut the last piece so that you can line up the other pieces on the next wall.

Weave at the Corners

A big part of how to install staggered cedar shake shingles is completing the outside corners properly. Be sure each piece sticks out by roughly an inch for the best results. Be sure that the second piece fits tightly against the protruding one on the adjoining wall. You can add some construction adhesive on the joint and use 23-gauge pins to secure it.

It is recommended that you place the siding away from the doors and windows initially. Once you have completed those areas, then you can proceed to the windows and doors.

Doors and Windows

Line up the bottom edge of the siding with the tops and bottoms of the doors and windows. This will create a professional appearance. A tape measure and a calculator will help in determining distances. From that information, select the closets number of shingles to do the job.


You are working your way from the bottom to the top. So, you’ll need to custom cut the shingles to fit around the trusses and rafters. A scroll saw will help you cut the material into the proper shapes.

Understanding how to install cedar shake siding on your home will provide a head-start towards getting this material on your residence. Remember to learn what you can before getting started. But once you get going the installation process should be straightforward.

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