Of the many rooms in the home that will be subject to remodeling, the kitchen is probably the most popular followed by the bathroom. It’s not surprising given that the average age of homes across the US is 37 years old. That number rises to over 57 years for homes in the northeast. With homeowners looking to improve the appearance, function, and even the size of their kitchens, a full kitchen remodel cost needs to be worth the money invested.

The reasons for having the kitchen remodeled vary considerably. But for the most part they have to do with the age and lack of modern functions that are desired by homeowners today. Kitchen that are older tend not to have the space or capacity to support newer appliances. This naturally leads to having the kitchen upgraded through remodeling efforts.

How Much to Fully Remodel a Kitchen?

The average price of a full kitchen remodel is roughly $25,000. But that number can be deceptive as many full remodels may cost around $5,000 and go up to $60,000 depending on several factors. The more you add to your kitchen remodel, the higher the price is going to be.

It should be noted that more than half of all kitchen remodels in the US costs around $15,000. This provides a benchmark price for having the remodeling performed. This number includes doing it yourself and hiring a professional contractor. But what areas of the kitchen are the most subject to being remodeled?


Full Kitchen Remodel Cost - Cabinets

This represents nearly 30% of the full kitchen remodel cost. The cabinets are considered an essential part of the kitchen and are normally included in most remodeling efforts. You can choose between a prefabricated or custom cabinet design. While custom cabinets are considerably more expensive, they are also specifically designed for the space within your kitchen.

Countertops & Floors

Full Kitchen Remodel Cost - Floor

Next on the list of items most likely to be remodeled or renovated are countertops and flooring. They are often combined so that they can compliment each other in terms of overall appearance.

While granite countertops have become quite popular thanks to their appearance, durability, and longevity, they are also quite expensive and may be too heavy without additional support. There are other, less expensive options available.

For flooring, hardwood, laminate, and tile are the most common options. Tile is the easiest to maintain but is limited in terms of complimenting the kitchen compared to hardwood or laminate. You will need to decide on what appearance you want for your kitchen and then choose the most appropriate material do to the job.


You may be surprised how much proper lighting can affect the appearance of your kitchen. You can start with the overall lighting and then add additional lights to highlight areas that need more illumination. Track lighting provides interesting options as the lights can be moved if needed.

Finally, appliances are the heart of the kitchen. Choosing a new appliance that fits into the full kitchen remodel costs will get you the most value. Keep in mind that some appliances are more expensive than others. A typical refrigerator costs $1500. So, you will need to be careful with how you spend your money.

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