Foundations in California

Geologically speaking, California is interesting. The strong tectonic activity in the area, combined with the close proximity of the sea, means that most of the land is relatively young and not well composed. Beverly Hills is a beautiful place, but geologically it is not stable and the terrain is not very solid. Houses sink and settle every day, and there are many beautiful homes in southern California that could use some serious foundation work. House leveling services such as Luxus Construction provide the information and equipment necessary to put the house back on the straight and true, adding thousands to the value of the property and years to the life of the home.

Water and Dirt

The two main forces that require people to seek house leveling services are water and soil movement. Although rain has a tremendous effect on the building foundations of southern California, this has not been much of an issue in recent months. However, water from any number of sources can have a deleterious effect on a foundation, and dry months are no protection from slabs settling and pipes breaking. A foundation is basically a concrete slab with water pipes running through it, and anything that causes the foundation to slip or slide can twist and break a pipe. Once the plumbing has developed even a small leak the damage can start to mount. After all, it is often impossible to see under the ground where the damage is or to even know the leak is happening. A small increase on the monthly water bill is not necessarily enough to let the homeowner know that something is going on under the house. But the leak is there, dripping water and washing away the soil that the foundation rests on. As the dirt erodes, the foundation continues to buckle and settle which puts more pressure on the pipe and causes the leak to grow. It is a vicious cycle, and it can only be stopped by inspection, intervention and repair.

How to Level a Home

House leveling services work on a simple principle. First they find what is causing the house to settle and do their best to remedy that situation. Then they use large jacks to get under the piers of the foundation and lift them until they are perfectly level. Holes under the slab are filled with dirt or concrete until the foundation is flat and safe. The last step is to use concrete to patch any cracks. If this is carried out properly, then the slab should be as good as new.

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