House or foundation bolting is the process of reinforcing a structure to its foundation. This is an additional layer of security in regions where an unbolted house can be shaken loose. The side-to-side and up-and-down motion an earthquake will apply to a house can shake the unbolted structure off its foundation. House bolting for earthquake protection is a sound way to increase the chances your home is still standing under the worst possible circumstances.

There are two factors to consider when determining if your property’s at risk during an earthquake: location and period when your home was built. California is considered one of the country’s likeliest places for an earthquake due to its proximity to the San Andreas Fault, a major source of seismic activity. This is actually a misconception. The truth is only certain areas of the state are at risk, such as the San Francisco-Los Angeles regions. California doesn’t have an earthquake every other week as some might believe. Most are small and quakes are years – even decades – apart. But even the smallest quake can cause minor, unnoticeable damage if you do not have house bolting for earthquake protection.

The other factor to consider is when your home was built. The latest advancements in house bolting for earthquake protection uses epoxied threaded rods and expansion wedge anchors. This technique has likely been applied to new construction. But some form of protection has been built into the foundation of most homes constructed in the last 30 years. It is advised that any home built before the 1980s is inspected to see how that home would hold up in a quake.

When house bolting for earthquake protection is not in place, any seismic activity can dislodge a home from the foundation. Even the smallest magnitude can gradually eat away at the foundation. Main home areas like the basement can cave in. The possibility can only be prevented by strengthening foundation connections and enlarging wall supports to fortify areas.

California is one of the most beautiful states this country has to offer. And its almost 40 million residents love it, despite the risk of an earthquake. But for the purposes of safety, homeowners have to consider the best ways to protect their investment and the occupants living there. Only house bolting for earthquake protection greatly increases the chance your home will survive the likelihood of a natural, unavoidable disaster.

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