For older homes in the greater Los Angeles area and some newer ones as well, getting home rewiring services offers solid benefits. This is because when homes are wired when constructed, they were designed for specific uses. Over time, the needs from your home’s electrical system may change along with the degradation of the wiring. That’s why getting the proper home rewiring services in Los Angeles is crucial.

What is Home Rewiring?

When the home is constructed, a wiring diagram is made to show the path of the electrical circuits, the receptacles, and the panels where the electricity comes into the home. Rewiring consists of adding new wiring, taking out old or damaged wiring, adding or removing receptacles, and changing the path of the wiring in total.

A home rewiring project may be as simple as adding a new receptacle up to changing out all the wiring in the residence. The need for rewiring may be a necessary one, such as getting the wiring up to the new safety codes or correcting a faulty switch or receptacle. Or, the rewiring may be based on your needs, such as adding new receptacles, running wires to different areas of the home, or removing receptacles that are no longer needed.

Considering all the changes that have happened in the past 30 years, many homes that were built before 1990 may not have nearly enough receptacles for all the electronic devices which have been added through the years. Plus, with new standards for electrical wiring being updated regularly, it’s quite possible that a home that is just 30 years old may be in serious need of an upgrade.

Why Get Home Rewiring Services in Los Angeles?

There are signs that reveal when home rewiring services are needed. You should conduct an inspection regularly or have a professional electrician inspect the home annually to spot any small issues before they become major problems. The most common signs your home needs rewiring are as follows:

  • Cloth Insulated, Knob and Tube Wiring Systems
  • Aluminum or Underground Wiring & Receptacles
  • Not Enough Receptacles or Not Enough Power Overall
  • Unsafe Electrical Service Panel and Not Safety Code Compliant
  • Home Constructed Before 1950 with No Electrical Upgrades

Any of these signs means you should have home rewiring performed on your home. Consider that if you are going to sell your home, the wiring needs to be up to the current safety code. Which means you are going to pay for the upgrade either sooner or later. This is why having the electrical wiring inspected is crucial for homes that show signs of degradation or are more than 50 years old.

Getting the proper home rewiring services in Los Angeles not only improves your property, it may also prevent potential electrical shorts and fires that may damage your residence. If your home shows the signs of needing rewiring, call an electrician who can conduct an inspection. The electrician will point out where rewiring is needed, so you can make the best-informed decision.

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