Thanks to the internet, more people today have access to information that otherwise would take a considerable amount of time to find themselves, if at all. One area that has been profoundly affected is the field of home repairs. Before the internet, many people called professionals to handle such tasks. Today, with the information at their fingertips, more people are now doing the home repairs themselves.

However, even with all the information needed, there are some types of repairs that you should never do by yourself. Every year, homeowners and family members are injured or worse by attempting repairs that are well outside their knowledge, skills, and experience. What follows are the types of repair work that you should leave to the professionals.

Adding a Skylight

This is a common renovation and seems easy to do. Just punch a hole in the roof and put in the window. However, messing with the structural integrity of the roof can be dangerous as skylights are prone to leaks, allowing moisture to penetrate into the interior of the home. This creates conditions favorable to the development of mold which consumes organic materials such as wood and creates a health-hazard for those who live in your home.

Unless you are skilled at roofing and installing skylights, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals who can ensure that the structure remains waterproof.


While minor plumbing work such as unclogging a drain or adding a dishwasher can be done on your own, major plumbing repairs such as adding a sink or toilet to an area that has no pipes or drains is far more problematic. Basically, any plumbing work that involves the main supply line should be left to a professional plumber who has years of experience in such matters.

Electrical Panels

Repairing an electrical panel is not worth the risk of fire to your home or personal injury to yourself. Keep in mind that modifying the electrical panel beyond its original intention requires an electrical permit. This means if you intend on selling your home, the home inspector will note such a modification which will definitely affect your ability to sell the property. So, leave the electrical work to the qualified electricians.

Waterproofing the Foundation

While it sounds fairly straightforward, putting a waterproof membrane around your foundation is a major task requiring a considerable effort. While it starts with digging up the earth, it also involves adding weeping tile to the bottom and depending on the conditions, a sump pump to drain the area properly. It may carry a considerable cost, but hiring a qualified, reputable company gets the job done and with a warranty.

Making your own home repairs will save you a considerable amount of money. However, there are some types of repair work that you should leave to the professionals. For those types of repairs and for any work that you are not comfortable taking on yourself, a professional may be more expensive but they will get the job done correctly and safely.

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