For those who are looking to remodel their home, the bathroom is a great place to start. Bathrooms tend to undergo more stress in terms of heat and moisture. This makes them ideal candidates for remodeling. And such remodeling efforts can incorporate many family bathroom ideas.

The core of the family bathroom is that it can address the needs of people of all ages. From infants to seniors, you should be looking at making changes that accommodate the different needs of those living in your home.

What follows are a few family bathroom ideas that will bring new life to your bathroom. Plus, it will have appeal to those of all age groups while addressing certain areas of the bathroom as well.

Back to Wall Toilet

Family Bathroom Ideas - Back to Wall Toilet

This is a simple, practical toilet with a bowl that sits against the wall. This means that the cistern is hidden which creates a more attractive appearance. But the real benefit is a practical one. Now you have less to clean with most of the plumbing out of view. Plus, it’s an easier bowl to use for toilet training and those who have difficulty hitting the target so to speak.


Family Bathroom Ideas - Bathtub

It is true that bathtubs take up a lot of room and are more difficult to keep clean compared to a shower. However, a good bathtub addresses the needs of infants up to adults. The bathtub is the perfect place to bath infants and toddles while maintaining a modicum of safety. For adults, the bathtub is a place to relax and unwind.

New Taps

Family Bathroom Ideas - New Taps

One of the simplest, yet most practical additions you can make to your bathroom is adding new taps to the sink or tub. Level taps allow children to easily turn on and off the water while getting the flow needed to wash their hands or face. Plus, the taps themselves can be quite modern in appearance which can change the look of the bathroom with a minimal investment.

Soft Toilet Seats

One of the more annoying aspects of hard toilet seats is getting your hand or fingers caught underneath when it comes down to the bowl. A soft toilet seat mitigates this problem while also being comfortable and easy to clean. For those with small children, a soft toilet seat will save them from getting their fingers hurt when the seat comes down.

StoraFamily Bathroom Ideas - Storagege

One issue that most bathrooms have is not enough storage. You can purchase storage units for the tub, shower, and around the bathroom to keep all types of items handy. You can keep things simple by using wire baskets, corner baskets, or over-bath trays that hold what you need. Plus, be sure to purchase storage units that are easy to clean and resist the heat and moisture of the bathroom.

These family bathroom ideas will help shape your bathroom to meet the needs of those living in your home. Just by incorporating a few of these ideas, you can make life a little better while improving the appearance of your bathroom.

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