Over the long run, utility bills can really add up. From running the water to powering the electrical devices in your home, you may be losing hundreds of dollars each year. This is why there is a renewed interest in energy-efficient homes designs that can save money on utility bills for today and tomorrow.

For homeowners looking for simple ways to cut their electricity bills, there are a few methods you can employ that are low in cost and will pay for themselves in a relatively short time.

Common Energy-Saving Measures

Here are a few well-known tips that will help lower your energy bills for the summer and winter months:

  • Add Ceiling Fans to Increase Air Circulation
  • Use Energy Star Appliances
  • Improve Insulation to Recommended Levels
  • Add New Carpets & Rugs to Trap Heat in the Winter
  • Plant Trees on Sunny Side of the Home

Be sure you plant trees that are native to the region and low in maintenance. You can choose trees that shed their leaves in the fall which allows more sunlight to come through during the winter months.

What follows are additional options that you should consider if you want to save energy over the long run.

Cool Roof

You see this type of roof in desert areas where temperatures get very hot in the summer months. The cool roof reflects the sunlight which in turn makes your home cooler and less expensive to run the air conditioner. You can expect to save the following:

  • 15% on Energy Bills
  • Less Reliance on Air Conditioning
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emissions

The cool roof is one of the most expensive of the energy saving options, but it will pay off quickly when you use less of your air conditioner.


You add natural light to areas of the home that need it. But more importantly, the skylight bolsters the energy efficiency of your residence by improving heating and air ventilation. An effective skylight needs to meet the following qualifications:

  • 5% or less in size compared to the floor area with several windows
  • 15% or less in size compared to the floor area with no windows

However, installing a skylight will depend on the design of your home. Some residences may not be well-suited for a skylight, so consult with a professional first.

Window Treatments

This is a simple, inexpensive way to reduce the transfer of heat from inside and outside your home. The treatments will block much of the sunlight entering your home which in turn lowers your electricity bills. Common window treatments include the following:

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Drapes
  • Shutters

You can choose the ones that work best for your home and a combination of them can help you save even more money.

If you are interested in energy-efficient homes designs and you live in the greater Pacific Palisades, CA area, then please call Luxus Construction & Design. They can provide the guidance and services you need when building a home that meets government standards for energy efficiency and exceeds expectations in terms of results.

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