It seems that the mobile phone is as much a part of daily life as wearing clothing. The convenience combined with advancements in technology has made smartphones and cellphones a daily part of life. However, the concerns about the electromagnetic fields that mobile devices can generate is causing concern about possible effects to the health and wellbeing of mobile phone users.

The radiation associated with electromagnetic fields has been of concern since the devices were first developed and used widely over two decades ago. Although studies have been relatively few on the effects of the radiation, there are potential issues when using your mobile device on a regular basis.

Health Issues

This assumes that you place the device next to your ear. Using a tablet or smartphone while away from your ear reduces considerably the exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Hearing: Prolonged use of mobile phones can cause damage to the inner ear and loss of hearing high-frequencies. Some studies have shown a raised probability of developing tumors on the auditory nerve which is located in the brain.

Neurotoxins: Cellphones are known to alter the function of brain activity. Plus, it can cause the death of brain cells in the learning centers and even memory which reduces brain function.

Reproduction: RF signals are associated with a reduction in sperm mobility, concentration, and count. This reduces the chances of reproduction.

In addition, you can feel the effects of fatigue, headaches, and lower productivity due in large part to exposure to the radiation contained in electromagnetic fields.

How to Protect Yourself

There are ways you can reduce the exposure to the radiation generated by your mobile device. What follows are a few tips that will help you protect yourself:

  • Use landline phones when possible
  • Turn off your phone when not in use
  • Use text whenever possible
  • Do not use when charging battery or when the battery is low enough for a recharge.
  • Put phone in “Airplane” mode when handing it to your kids to watch videos
  • Go hands-free by using the speaker.

Do not use Bluetooth as that only keeps the radiation next to your head. Keep in mind that when your phone is charging, the amount of radiation generated is up to ten times that when it is not being charged. So, unplug the phone before answering it.

The bottom line is that your primary goal should be to reduce the amount of time that the phone is next to your head. You can start by texting more and using landline phones that do not generate electromagnetic fields. Email and other forms of communication that you can do with your mobile device are highly recommended.

By limiting your exposure, you can reduce your changes for long-term health issues that are associated with radiation. Taking the proper steps can lower your exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by mobile devices. When you can, take more breaks from using such devices so you can limit your exposure overall.

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