If you are considering an electric fireplace, it pays to know their advantages and disadvantages. What follows are the things you should think about before making your purchase.

Electric Fireplace Cons

Of course, the electric fireplace is not suited for everyone. For those who want to have a wood or gas fireplace, an electric version is not going to be a suitable replacement.

Artificial: Perhaps the biggest drawback to an electric fireplace is that it does look artificial or fake. That is what it is supposed to look like, but many people may be put off by its appearance.

Ambiance: There is something about a wood-burning fireplace that creates an ambiance no electric version can come close. The crackle, the scent, and the flickers of actual flame create a mood and atmosphere that is quite comforting. You cannot say the same about an electric fireplace.

Heat: While an electric fireplace does put out the heat, it cannot heat an entire home. Like a space heater, it is designed to heat one section of one room. In fact, space heaters have a better capacity to heat a larger space despite their relatively smaller size.

Power Outages: Electric fireplaces require reliable electricity to work consistently. If your home suffers from frequent power outages, then you are better off with a wood or gas fireplace.

Electric fireplaces definitely have their advantages. But they are lacking in terms of ambiance and appearance when compared to a wood or gas fireplace.

Electric Fireplace Pros and Cons

Electric Fireplace Pros

Easy Installation: Unbox the electric fireplace, plug it in, and then turn it on. That is about as complicated as the installation gets for most types. With a little more work, you can have an electric fireplace mounted on the wall. There is no chimney as well, so no accessories are needed.

Decorative: Electric fireplaces come in many different designs, meaning you can find the type that you want for your room. It can be the center of your room décor if you want.

Durability: Because there are no actual flames or combustible agents used, this type of fireplace can last a long time under normal use conditions. This also means that cleaning and maintaining is not all that difficult either.

Space: This type of fireplace is compact and does not require mounting onto the wall. You can place it where you like while not taking up much in the way of space.

Slim: Most electric fireplaces are 6” to 10” in depth. This means that you can place them against a wall and they will not protrude into the main floor area.

Flexible: The electric fireplace comes with inserts that can be combined with other furniture, TV stands, media centers, and the like.

A typical electric fireplace puts out a considerable amount of heat. But does so in an even way. This means that you have far more control compared to a traditional wood or gas fireplace. Plus, they can be quite energy efficient when used to address part of a room. The rest of the home can be kept at a lower temperature if desired.

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