Earthquakes are among the most powerful natural disasters that a person may encounter. However, there are several easy and affordable ways to minimize the damage done to your home when one occurs. Let’s take a look at how to earthquake proof your home before you feel those first tremors.

How to Earthquake Proof Your Home By Yourself

If you don’t have the money or don’t want to hire professionals to help protect your house against an earthquake, it doesn’t mean that you have to expose yourself to danger. Attaching your water heater to a sturdy frame and installing seismic shut-off valves to main gas lines are two ways to limit the damage done by an earthquake. Other heavy objects such as a television, a full bookshelf or cabinets can be anchored into the wall or bolted to the floor.

How to Earthquake Proof Your Home With the Help of a Professional

A professional may be able to bolt your home directly to its foundation to keep it standing when an earthquake hits. Professionals may also be knowledgeable and experienced enough to add cripple walls or other safeguards to prevent the house from crumbling or otherwise suffering structural damage. If you do have a contractor do the work for you, make sure that he or she is licensed and understands the earthquake codes in your area.

Take a Look for Objects That Could Come Loose or Topple in an Earthquake

Large trees that look unsteady or that have large branches could come crashing through your home during a quake. Any objects on a patio or left on a balcony on the third or fourth story of an apartment building could fall and cause property damage. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to get rid of those trees or implement policies that limit what can be placed on a balcony or any outdoor space several feet off of the ground. It may also be a good idea to relocate power lines that may fall and cause a hazard near a home or where people may walk or drive.

Protecting your home against an earthquake may prevent expensive repairs when disaster strikes. It will also allow you to remain in your home instead of living in a hotel or at a friend’s house because your house is too unstable to live in. Therefore, the time and money that you put in today could pay large dividends in the future.

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