If you are planning a major renovation for your home, the most important decision you can make is selecting the right home renovation contractor for the job. Getting the right contractor means more than just accepting advice from friends and family, although that is an important consideration. Here are the five most important steps in selecting the right contractor for your needs.


First and foremost, the home contractor you hire needs to be licensed by the state and local authorities. Proper licensing means that they meet all the legal requirements and follow the rules and regulations set out by the government. If the contractor has no license or is not licensed for the area where you live, then you should never consider them to remodel your home.


Even the best contractors are human beings which means that they may cause an accident in your home that results in damage to the property. If they are insured, then the damage is covered by their insurance company. Otherwise, you might be left holding the bill. While accidents are relatively few and far between, you do not want to be vulnerable in case something does happen on your property. So, be sure that the home contractor is insured just in case an accident does occur.


The reputation of a home renovation contractor is established in two ways, the responses by their customers and by independent organizations that oversee customer issues, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Obviously, contractors who are recommended to you by friends, family, and co-workers means they had good experiences with them. Still, you should check out independent review sites and organizations like the BBB to get an idea of how they work. While even the best contractors will have a few negative reviews, a pattern of poor service means that you should avoid them.


It’s not so much the number of years that a contractor has been in service, but rather the type of remodeling efforts that they have done both before and after they established their business. You’ll want a contractor with plenty of experience in renovating the area of the home that you want to be remodeled. So, go over the information that the contractor has in terms of the specific area that you want addressed. If the information they provide is vague, you may want to call their offices and ask about their experience and get recommendations.


Once you have narrowed your list to two or three home contractors, call them up and ask for a free estimate on renovating the area of your home you want addressed. Usually, they will send a representative who will listen to what you want accomplished and they will make a free estimate of the totality of their services.

Between equally qualified contractors, you can use the price offered as the tie-breaker in choosing the one that is best for you. Remember, you are not choosing the cheapest contractor, but rather the one who delivers the best service at the best price.

Choosing a home renovation contractor will take a little time and research, but the results will be well worth it as you can get the best one for what you want accomplished.

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