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Solar Panels Installation

As consumers begin to understand and appreciate the environment advantages and cost savings from solar energy, the need for an experienced solar panels installation contractor expands. Licensed, bonded and EPA certified Luxus Construction can help provide an energy-efficient solar power system for your home. Solar panels installation services for your home’s unique needs.

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power uses energy from the sun and converts it into electrical energy that can be used for a variety of home systems. It offers a number of advantages for homes and businesses:

  • Solar power has less environmental impact that many other forms of energy. Although manufacture of the panels uses some energy, overall it uses much fewer resources and produces none of the emissions of coal, gas or other forms of energy.
  • Solar power means less reliance on public utilities. In some areas of the country, solar energy can supply the full amount of power needed for an average home. Even in areas of the country where full reliance on the solar system is impractical, homeowners and businesses will use much less power from the utility company. In some areas, utility companies will even buy back excess power.
  • A number of agencies offers incentives for converting homes and businesses to solar power. These incentives can result in significant reductions in cost.

Photovoltaic Panels

The basis of modern solar power is the photovoltaic cell. These cells are made of highly reflective materials that collect sunlight efficiently. These cells are generally made from silicon, but new materials are being developed constantly that are more efficient at collecting photons from sunlight for conversion into electrical power. Solar panels contain forty to several hundred photovoltaic cells. The solar panels must be installed in specific configurations to maximize the amount of light that is collected. A solar panels installation services company can help to position your panels for maximum efficiency for your home’s orientation.

Made in America

Luxus Constructions solar panels installation services offer panels that are made in America, including leading brands like Solar World, Sharp and 1SolarTech. These panels will provide years of trouble-free service to allow you to enjoy the many advantages of solar power for your home or business. Maintenance of solar panels is easy. Simply rinse the panels with water from a hose to remove excess dirt and debris. Regular inspections will help to keep your panels functioning well throughout the year.

Five Benefits of Solar Energy
Solar Photovoltaic Technology

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