Diamond in Burbank, CA by Luxus Construction

Diamond in Burbank, CA – Design by Serg Lichwa. Consultation: Irene, Joe, Andrzej, Robert.

If you are looking for a luxury one-bedroom apartment, here is a diamond in Burbank, California. It was designed by Serg Lichwa and remodeled by LUXUS CONSTRUCTION Corporation.

Serg had a vision of creating a space where a single person or a couple could live in a very relaxed and comfortable place. He started from a layout that had to accommodate all his design plans, and, at the same time, fulfil building code requirements for California Title 24 requirements and Burbank Municipal Code. Irene transferred Serg’s ideas into architectural drawings. Then Joe and Irene worked together to create structural plans for the Burbank Planning & Zoning Division – Community Development.

After the blueprint plans were approved by the Burbank Community Department, LUXUS CONSTRUCTION started remodeling. Because Andrew is such a perfectionist, Serg drank tons of coffee with Andrew, spending hours consulting with Andrew over kitchen cabinets’ final layout. Serg’s ambition was to strive for the highest level in principles of excellence, which include geometry, symmetry, balance and proportion. The main idea was not to diminish these important principles, but also to keep the functionality of the living space. He wanted a one-bedroom apartment to be very comfortable as well as functional based on principles of Feng Shui. Understanding the importance of proper lighting, which is a live touch that shows us the beauty of finished materials and products and makes our eyes and souls happy, is another aspect of Serg’s design philosophy. Michael, Serg’s longtime friend and mentor, inspired him to understand the significance of lighting in interior designs.

Serg spend a lot of time and effort on final selection of the following products, among others were:

  • Italian Marquina kitchen countertops,
  • wooden bar countertop with waterfall,
  • white gloss and black matte kitchen cabinets,
  • Spanish floor tiles,
  • T.M.Cobb interior pocket doors,
  • black matte main entrance door with openable, laminated glass,
  • GE washer and dryer,
  • Hansgrohe shower fixtures,
  • Thermador dishwasher.

Thanks to Robert’s professionalism and perfection with woodwork, carpentry and finish work, the project turned out excellent due to Serg’s insistence on perfection and his emphasis on flawlessness from the LUXUS CONSTRUCTION Team.